Food History: Tres Leches

The cake is popular in Central and South America,  and many parts of the Caribbean. The origins of the tres leches (means three milks in Spanish) are disputed; however, the idea for creating a cake soaked in a liquid is likely of Medieval European origin.

Consist of a sponge cake in some recipes, a butter cake soaked in three kinds of milk: milk, condensed, and heavy cream. Recipes for soaked-cake desserts were seen in Mexico as early as the 19th century, likely a result of the large cross-cultural transfer which took place between Europe and the Americas. Recipes appeared on Nestlé condensed milk can labels in the 1940s, which may explain the cake’s widely disseminated popularity throughout Latin America as the company had created subsidiaries in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela in the 1930s.

In Alto Mar our version of this creamy dessert replace evaporated milk with coconut milk and includes a citrus twist with lime sorbet and zest topped with a crispy tuile biscuit.

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